Ballerina Slippers Befado Butterflies 109P257 Pink

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Ballerina Slippers Befado Butterflies 109P257
Značka: Kesi
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Ballerina Slippers Befado Butterflies 109P257 – Poppies – ballerinas by a Polish manufacturer have been awarded the Healthy Foot label. It is a mark of good footwear that ensures the proper functioning and development of the child's foot. Light, flexible and anti-slip sole prevents slipping. The stiff heel counter, anatomical profiling and wide toe caps guarantee correct foot development. The upper is made of breathable cotton fabric. The shoes have an exceptionally flexible sole with breathable properties and a stiff heel counter to stabilise the heel. Follow the size chart when choosing the size.
18-12/19-12,5/20-13,5/21-14/22-14,5/23-15,5/24-16/25-16,5/26-17 cm.