Fashionable Boots Memory Foam Big Star KK274369 White

Tento výnimočný kus Fashionable Boots Memory Foam Big od dodávateľa so skvelou povesťou BIG STAR SHOES je možné nakúpiť na našich stránkach teraz za výborné peniaze! Aktuálne za 48,74 EUR. EAN: 1210002854597
Fashionable Boots Memory Foam
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Fashionable Boots Memory Foam – Women's boots in the form of trappers from the Big Star brand are made of a combination of eco leather and textile material. They have a Memory Foam System insert that remembers the shape of the foot, provides a perfect fit, absorbs shocks, is resistant to deformation. The structure of the foam allows moisture to evaporate and the temperature to be regulated. Mounted on a massive sole and a flat heel, the boots are stable. Model with classic lacing. When choosing a size, please use the size chart.