Koton Baby Boy Navy Blue Printed Sort

Veľmi žiadaný produkt Koton Baby Boy Navy Blue originál od výrobcu Koton jednoducho môžete zohnať ešte dnes za rozumné peniaze! Produkt kúpite teraz u nás za 5,19 EUR. EAN: 8682262730431
Koton Baby Boy Navy Blue Printed
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Značka: Koton
5,19 EUR 9,99 EUR Zľava -48%

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Koton Baby Boy Navy – Our products are tested against chemicals that are harmful to health. There are no small parts that babies can swallow, ropes and cords that may pose a danger, and sharp parts in our products. Normal Waist, Letter Printed ShortsSize: '6-9' Materiel:50% Cotton, 50% Polyester Gender:Boys