Men's outdoor pants KILPI TIDE-M brown

Unikátny a obľúbený produkt Men's outdoor pants KILPI TIDE-M od spoľahlivého výrobcu Kilpi k dispozícii u nás za extra cenu. K dispozícii teraz v predaji za 96,79 EUR.
EAN: 8592914737377
Men's outdoor pants KILPI
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Značka: Kilpi
96,79 EUR 190,99 EUR Zľava -49%

Popis produktu

Men's outdoor pants KILPI – Men's outdoor pants KILPI TIDE-M are made of durable, woven material SIBERIUM SRC WB, which is pleasantly elastic. In the area of the seat, knees and hem, the trousers are additionally reinforced with fabric resistant to mechanical damage. Double stitching increases the strength and durability of the fabric. Gentlemen will appreciate a total of four zipper pockets for valuables, tourist or work equipment. The hem of the legs has a elastic band for tightening. All this makes the KILPI TIDE-M trousers a suitable product for alpine hikes, walks or business purposes. We offer several color variants to choose from.

Material composition: 65% nylon, 30% polyester, 5% elastane