Sandals With Velcro Unicorn Befado 342P044 Grey

Veľa žiadaný kus Sandals With Velcro Unicorn Befado 342P044 od výrobcu so skvelou povesťou Kesi jednoducho môžete získať v našej online ponuke skutočne výhodne. Ponuky od 14,99 EUR. EAN: 1210002842051
Sandals With Velcro Unicorn Befado
Značka: Kesi
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Sandals With Velcro Unicorn – Sandals are footwear that provides your child with a lot of freedom. It is essential to protect little feet from developing flat feet. The shoes are wider, adjustable and fastened with Velcro. The leather insole absorbs moisture very well, ensuring proper temperature for bare feet and preventing burns. The shoes have the „Healthy Foot“ certificate, so they support the proper development of children's feet. Follow the size chart when choosing the size.
18-12/19-12,5/20-13,5/21-14/22-14,5/23-15,5/24-16/25-16,5/26-17 cm.