Spokey ERISK Swimming okuliare, silver

Tento výnimočný kus Spokey ERISK Swimming okuliare, od známeho dodávateľa Spokey môžete nájsť v našej aktuálnej ponuke až neuveriteľne lacno! Akčná cena od 4,74 EUR. EAN: 5902693279327
Spokey ERISK Swimming okuliare
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Spokey ERISK Swimming okuliare, – Bet on a healthy lifestyle and start the change with Spokey products! Water sports are mainly associated with the holiday and summer period, when we spend time by the water or at the swimming pool. Diving allows us to get to know the richness of the underwater world, develops curiosity in children and teaches new abilities. Swimming is a year-round sport that can be practiced outdoors and indoors.

Swimming #veSpokeyStylu

Swimming is a sport that greatly affects our health and fitness. Due to the fact that it strengthens the muscles around the spine, it is often recommended to people who have been diagnosed with a body defect. It also helps from joint and spine pain.

For swimming, it is enough just to buy a swimsuit. However, for your own convenience, we also recommend considering buying a bathing cap that protects the hair from the negative effects of chlorine. Thanks to the glasses, we avoid contact of the eyes with water and we can keep our eyes open even under water.

Spokey Erisk swimming goggles were made for recreational swimmers.

Combining the latest technology and the best quality

The glasses were made of high-quality and lightweight polycarbonate with an Anti-Fog layer that protects against fogging. The glass has a UV solar control filter, which makes it possible to use it outdoors in the sun. The mirror surface improves visibility and reduces the influence of water reflections.

Thanks to the soft, silicone seal , the glasses adhere maximally to the face, which prevents water from entering the glasses.

The glasses are made of durable and user-friendly materials. They come in a case that protects them from scratches during storage and transportation.

The glasses have a double silicone strap for optimal tension distribution. Thanks to the convenient and especially easy adjustment of the strap and the interchangeable beam, the glasses can be easily adjusted to the circumference of the head.

The use of glasses protects sensitive eyes from contact with water and allows observation under water.

They are indispensable for people who have contact lenses that must not come into contact with the water in the pool.

To ensure a longer shelf life of the product, rinse the glasses after each use under running water.

Glass: Polycarbonate
mirror surface
Filter: UV
Coating: Anti-Fog layer (fog protection)
silicone seal
cheekpiece: Silicone
beams: interchangeable, 3 sizes S, M, L
Strap: double silicone thin strap, length control option