Vivian Fata-Bianco M-414 Tunic (6)

Často vyhľadávaný tovar Vivian Fata-Bianco M-414 Tunic od výrobcu s dobrým menom Marko zoženiete u nás právě naozaj lacno. Teraz len za 25,49 EUR. EAN: 5901425412391
Vivian Fata-Bianco M-414 Tunic
Značka: Marko
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Vivian Fata-Bianco M-414 Tunic – A very feminine tunic that you will need on vacation. It fits virtually any bathing suit. Made of high-quality Italian fabric, it wears great. Slightly translucent, it protects against excessive sun, subtly covers the body, and at the same time is airy and comfortable. The design resembles a summer dress, it is on the straps.
Feminine tunic with straps
It resembles a summer dress
On shoulder straps
She is slightly see-through
Fabric elastic, soft, Italian
Classic neckline
A very practical cut that can be useful on the beach
New in the Summer 2017 collection!
Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane. Hand wash in temp. water up to 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry. Do not spin. Quality first.
Size chart:
The size of the tunic
Bust circumference where the tunic fits best
Circumference at the hips where the tunic fits best
The length of the tunic
 83-86 cm
up to 94 cm
 71 cm
 87-90 cm
up to 100 cm
74 cm
91-94 cm
up to 106 cm
 76 cm
The fabric is elastic.