Women's dress LOAP NALBY Wine

Veľa predávaný výrobok Women's dress LOAP NALBY od dodávateľa tovaru LOAP nájdete v súčasnosti až neuveriteľne lacno! Teraz možno objednať len za 13,49 EUR. EAN: 8592947324148
Women's dress LOAP NALBY
Značka: LOAP
13,49 EURDostupnosť: SKLADOM 35,99 Kč Zľava -62%
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Women's dress LOAP NALBY – Women's Loap NALBY dress is ideal for walking around the city, traveling, to work or just for a summer hangout. You will fall in love with the elegant and airy dress at first touch, as it is very comfortable and sits nicely on the body. They are tied at the waist with a bow that adds a handsome style.Annealed appearance. Extended back. Medium length.