Women's Leather Thigh High Boots Lewski 2833 Camel

Tento skvelý kus Women's Leather Thigh High Boots od dodávateľa so skvelou povesťou Kesi jednoducho môžete nájsť momentálne na našich stránkach naozaj lacno. Lacno za cenu 98,24 EUR. EAN: 1210002896450
Women's Leather Thigh High
Značka: Kesi
98,24 EURDostupnosť: SKLADOM 276,99 Kč Zľava -64%
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Women's Leather Thigh High Boots Lewski – Unique women's boots with a musket cut. The high upper by the knee is slipped and additionally closed with a zipper. The heel counter is stiffened, which will ensure stabilization of the foot. The model is made of high-quality leather. These boots were insulated inside with a shoe blanket. The soft insole will ensure comfort during use. When choosing a size, please use the size chart.
36-23/37-24/38-24,5/39-25/40-25,5 cm.