Women's Snow Boots La.Fi 280072Y-QN Camel

Lacný produkt Women's Snow Boots La.Fi od značky s dobrým menom Kesi ľahko získate momentálne na našich stránkach za výhodnú cenu! Práve teraz v akcii za 48,74 EUR. EAN: 1210002875288
Women's Snow Boots La.Fi
Značka: Kesi
48,74 EURDostupnosť: SKLADOM 127,99 Kč Zľava -61%
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Women's Snow Boots La.Fi 280072Y-QN – Women's boots – snow boots are perfect for colder days! Made of a combination of natural suede and eco leather. Embedded on a massive platform. They have classic lacing. The upper finished with a welt, which will allow for proper adjustment to the leg width. In addition, the boots have a stiffened heel. Insulated inside with a pleasant to the touch, delicate fur. When choosing a size, please use the size chart.